[SFM] Sans Battle 360° (1000 sub special)

What do you think this [SFM] Sans Battle 360° (1000 sub special) video?

[SFM] Sans Battle 360° (1000 sub special)

Surprise! Over 400 GB, days of rendering, and a lot of fear it won’t actually be that good, (Which is still present, mind you.) in the making!
Something I’ve planned for a while, and felt 1000 subs was the perfect excuse to do. (Even if I’ve gotten like 30 more before this was upload shh.)
A Sans battle in 360° which does its best to remain loyal to the actual in-game battle.

Audio from the talented Voice Actor, Timber Puppers: www.youtube.com/embed/4jgiEuV7Yrg

HUGE thanks to HyperchaotixFox for his tutorial which made this possible: www.youtube.com/embed/dres21tAHrA

As usual, Sans model by Pipann: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686820984

And finally, the map was actually made by me. As amazing as the map by saintblue52 is, I felt the hall was a tad too big for this project.

Aaaand, that’s the most detailed description I’ve ever typed. Huh. Feels weird.

8/14/17 Edit:
[Wake up]
[5,000 views overnight]
[Spit take]
Also, I forgot to credit the bones and Gaster Blasters by Py-Bun and Pipann respectively.

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