TOPAZ – Subtlety | 360° Edition

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TOPAZ - Subtlety | 360° Edition

– Music by TOPAZ

–– Downloads ––!IJckWSoQ!83o4oYgllNmfy4FikbqWLg

Cubemap downloads come with whirligig for VR viewing, you will probably need to install K-lite codec pack in order to view them. The sphere map download is just the file I uploaded to youtube.

Flickr album with a bunch of frames:

Subtlety Sphere (08087)

–– Details ––
Same recording setup as Acid Interstate V3 VR.

I came up with a new multi-pass post-processing method to get the glow effect to be coherent over the 6 cubemap tiles, took like a month to render everything, but I’m very pleased with how seemless it turned out. I didn’t think I would be able to convert Subtlety to VR, but I made a conciouss decision during the original production to only use animations that could theoretically be omni-directional. Glad it worked out.

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