Hogwarts Minecraft Map in VR 360°

What do you think this Hogwarts Minecraft Map in VR 360° video?

Hogwarts Minecraft Map in VR 360°

Harry Potter Minecraft map – a virtual reality 360 degree video: a Fly over the rooftops of Hogwarts Minecraft Map. The Harry Potter world in #Minecraft recreated by The Floo Network team.

Full Minecraft Walkthrough of the Harry Potter Minecarft map is here: www.youtube.com/embed/-aO2aRxpw0U

You can explore the secrets of the Hogwarts Castle, including the Great Hall complete with floating candles, the Grand Staircase, Dumbledore’s office and the Room of Requirement.

Unbelievably giant Minecraft Adventure map gives you the chance to visit the common rooms of all of the Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Slitherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. The detail of this map is incredible, you can wander for hours looking around the various location from the Harry Potter books.

Out in the Hogwarts castle’s grounds you can find Hagrid in his hut, and take a stroll through the Forbidden Forest. You’ll also find the huge Quidditch pitch, the iconic rickety wooden bridge, the boat house where Snape met his untimely end, the owlery, Professor Sprout’s green houses and the ancient whomping willow tree, complete with a secret tunnel hidden in its roots which takes you straight to the shrieking shack.

Also you can head to Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, and open the Chamber of Secrets. Away from the school grounds you can explore Hogsmeade including the station where the Hogwarts Express drops off students to the school and Honeydukes where a secret tunnel leads you back to Hogwarts castle. There’s an impressive recreation of Privet Drive, and the snowy village of Godric’s Hollow.

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Download this Harry Potter world in Minecraft map here: gumroad.com/l/sxhaZ
Harry Potter in Minecraft – The Floo Network (Download + Resource Pack):

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Music: Harry Potter Theme (Hedwig’s Theme) – Violin Cover – Taylor Davis

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