[360°] Karts of Legends

What do you think this [360°] Karts of Legends video?

[360°] Karts of Legends

You know what I could use ? A Kart 😉

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► Thanks for their help!
S. for his help with the Spell Cubes
RiotPhoenix for the explanation on Sion’s ult particles
Flamey, Kirby, RTB, Doopin, Uli etc… For their inputs on the video
Everybody who waited during those 2 months without unsubscribing

► Social Media
Website: chibiin.info
Facebook: facebook.com/Chibiin
Twitter: twitter.com/Chibiin
Stream: twitch.tv/Chibiin
Questions: ask.fm/Chibiin
Vine (RIP): vine.co/Chibiin

► Music
Exit the Premises – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Sunflower Dance Party – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Voices & sound effects from League of Legends – Riot Games
Sound effects from Mario Kart Wii/Wii U – Nintendo (used sounds-resource.com)

► Models
Champions models are from League of Legends – Riot Games
Some karts models are from Mario Kart WiiU – Nintendo
Map is “Dominion” from League of Legends – Riot Games
Start flag/pole is from World of Warcraft – Blizzard

► Time spent
I don’t exactly remember how much time everything took, let’s just say that I worked on this since January and never stopped 🙂

► Bottom note
Oooy, thanks for watching everybody and sorry if this video took a lot of time, I had a lot of problems during it such as the characters doing a 360° spin at the end of every laps, textures not rendering, animations not starting properly (poppy’s hammer), holes in the map etc… I found out that youtube zooms the video more than it should be, when I used KolorEyes my video was great and everything, but Youtube encode it in a strange way that forces a zoom which destroys the quality. I’m happy with the results, even if I know that some people will say that the animations werent great, could have been better bla bla bla, it’s mostly due to the 360° effect and the lock on the camera position behind poppy, if the camera was unlocked you would probably feel sick after 10sec ^^
Anyway, again thanks for watching, it means a lot to me, even if I dont reply to your comment, keep in mind that I read every single one, it’s just that I dont know what to type else than “thank you ♥” because it would lose its value even if I mean it 🙁
I love you all ♥ stay awesome

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