360 video lucid dreaming sleep track with VR Girl

What do you think this 360 video lucid dreaming sleep track with VR Girl video?

360 video lucid dreaming sleep track with VR Girl

It’s just a dream! I’m in love with Virtual Reality!

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The life of a beautiful naked Russian girl in virtual reality – take a peek.

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Music: Dreaming Of Tomorrow 5 – Johannes Borlf
Dron Drone Musical – SFX Producer

00:03 360videowow logo
00:07 Schoolboy watching 360 video with sexy girl
00:17 Boy falling asleep
00:26 Lucid dreaming in virtual reality
00:46 Dreaming with girl on sofa

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360 video how do you feel about having realistic sex in a lucid dream virtual reality with someone who is not your real-life or vr partner? Are you cheating or is it all just a dream?

Personal issue, so consider dropping the idea with your vr partner and make your own minds up in virtual reality. I feel that it’s ok to explore your sexuality in the lucid dream dimension. There’s no reason to create restrictions for your partner either. After all, a lucid dream, no matter how vivid, is still just a dream. The arousal and the emotion of lucid dream sex is yours – and yours alone.

There is a caveat to this argument, and again, it’s debatable but I’ll raise it anyway. Let’s say you’re attracted to someone you know in real life who’s not your romantic partner. Should you release those sexual frustrations with them inside the safety of a lucid dream?

Maybe. Or maybe not. Having erotic dream sex with someone you know in real life might just increase your attraction to them, rather than satisfy it. Is that a problem? Are you fantasizing over them with the underlying desire to hook up in real life?

It’s worth mulling over before you do the deed in a lucid dream because the intensity of the experience can be pretty memorable.

At the end of the day, though, some things happen during lucid dreams which we never expect – nor control. Just like regular dreams, our unconscious can dish up some bizarre scenarios.

So don’t beat yourself up about sexual lucid dreams that go awry. Freud would say you’re a perfectly normal human being.

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