What do you think this 360° ULTIMATE COOKING BATTLE video?


*To view in 360°, watch from the YouTube app on mobile or your Chrome/Firefox browser on desktop. Simply scroll across the screen or physically move your mobile device. (Unfortunately, Safari does not give you the full experience.)

This is another edition of our ULTIMATE BATTLE Series and it’s seriously epic. Not only is it happening LIVE but you can watch the entire thing in 360°. You can be the director/producer as you watch the lads create their own dish using ‘French Fries’ as the base. Who wins… you decide!

Comment down below who you think should win, or head to see the full recipe and give your favourite a like here:

Barry’s Ham, Egg & Chips: bit.ly/1OjeB2b
Jamie’s Curry & Chips: sortedfood.com?recipe=10122
Mike’s Sweet Potato, Pecan Caramel & Marshmallows:

Check out our ULTIMATE BATTLE Series here: bit.ly/1HMnyw4

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